At Green Trees, our goal is to balance the two main pillars:

  • Incentivize more people to plant more trees;
  • Create a self-sustainable token economy system.

GameFi blockchain projects use different approaches to reward players: the Play-to-Earn model enables users to make money off their gaming prowess, Move-to-Earn games let you earn tokens by running and walking.

We introduce the Plant-to-Earn model: users plant trees and get rewards in return.

Once an NFT is purchased, Green Trees funds planting of 10 real life trees through our partner.

As soon as trees are planted, the owner of an NFT starts receiving daily rewards in GRN.

By buying and holding Green Trees NFT users are really helping the environment and earning a unique digital asset.

We have also implemented an incentive mechanism which allows fast community growth and long-term users’ adoption.

It’s called a «revaluation», as Green Trees NFTs will be increasing in value in every next round of sales.

The purpose of Revaluation is to incentivize both early and later participants, as well as to motivate people to help promote the project – thus accelerating the sales and getting their NFTs to be «revalued» faster.

Holders of Green Trees NFT own a digital asset that:

  • certifies their real environmental impact;
  • can be sold and traded in the marketplace;
  • generates a new digital asset, with rewards being paid daily;
  • assuredly increases in value over time.

See more details in the next chapters.