The Green Trees project is presented and operated by GREEN TREES PLANET LTD.

Everyone in our team is a nature lover and we would like to change public opinion about the blockchain technology being harmful to the environment.

Cryptocurrencies are mostly generated by mining. It’s been sad to see how negligent the Bitcoin mining community has been towards the environment. Hence the idea of giving back to nature by launching this project.

Our contribution might not be massive so far, but if we ensure the prosperity of our community and platform we could make a significant difference. Together we are strong.

Victor Jacobs – Co-founder

Director General of Basic Income Foundation. He is also Vice president of Business development at HC Smart, Inc.

Felix Gelman – Co-founder

Serial Entrepreneur with 35 years experience. He is also an owner of PMC Professional Management & Consulting LLC.

Harry Afrikian – Co-founder and CEO

Enterpreneur with 20 years experience. He is also a yoga therapist, shareholder of a vegan clinic, and the author of the «Goodwill Planet» project.

Andrey Sorokin – Co-founder

Reforestation specialist with 22 years experience, ecologist. Crypto enthusiast, involved in blockchain since 2017.

Alexander Egorov – Co-founder and CTO

Enterpreneur with 25 years experience. He is also a co-owner of Cloud Invest Ltd. and co-founder of BILLEX Discount Payments.

Kirill Shipilov – Co-founder

Full stack developer with 10 years experience. He has been involved in blockchain since 2015.

Aleksey Repin – Co-founder

Crypto enthusiast, network marketing expert with 10 years experience.

Alexander Balhanov – Co-founder

Enterpreneur with 10 years experience in gaming industry.