Revaluation is implemented as an incentive mechanism which allows fast community growth and long-term users’ adoption.

  • Green Trees NFT will cost $10 more in every next round of sales, because it will be linked to 10 more trees.
  • By the end of every round of sales, all NFTs purchased in the previous rounds will be revalued. To do that, we will plant 10 more trees per each revalued token.

Revaluation requires no investment from early participants – they just see their NFTs rise in price by $10.

How it works

  • Currently, each NFT costs $10.
  • Every primary purchase activates planting of 10 trees.
  • Limited supply: 10,000.

Once all 10,000 NFTs have sold out, the second round of sales will start:

  • each NFT will cost $20,
  • every purchase will fund planting of 20 trees,
  • supply of NFTs will be capped at 15,000.

Holders of NFTs purchased in the second round will be earning twice as much GRN in the same period of time – because their asset will be tied to 20 trees.

NFTs purchased for $10 in the first round will be producing GRN at the «10 trees» rate.

But the end of the second round will mark the big event for early participants: their 10-dollar NFTs will get revalued.

It means that we will plant 10 more trees per each of these NFTs – making them backed by 20 trees and priced at $20.


17% of the second round sales proceed will go towards the revaluation of NFTs purchased in the first round, and tokens purchased in the pre-sale.

We will fund planting of 10 more trees per each NFT/token, overall 150,000 trees.

Once have been revalued, all NFTs purchased in the first round will start producing twice as much GRN than previously.


Those who currently buy Green Trees NFT for $10 know that their asset will double in price by the end of the next round.

The market knows that too, so the closing stage of sales in every round could be a good time for early participants to make a profit.

By implementing Revaluation, we aim to achieve two goals:

  • incentivise both early and later participants,
  • make a much bigger environmental impact by planting tens of thousands trees more.

Planting of «revaluation» trees is funded with a certain percentage of the succeeding round sales proceed. It could be thought of as a disadvantage for the next round participants, but they join the project knowing two things:

  • their NFTs will be producing more GRN comparing to those purchased in the previous round,
  • their asset will also increase in price by $10 in the next round of sales.

Besides, Revaluation could nudge some participants into active promotion of the Green Trees project: the faster all NFTs are sold out, the faster holders get their asset revalued.

See Revaluation numbers in the Next three rounds of NFT sales.