Together, we aim to plant millions of trees around the world. It can only be achieved through the efforts of a large community.

Refering new participants allows you to earn an extra income. You will receive a commission on each purchase made by your referrals.

The Green Trees referral network is up to 100 levels deep, and pays generous rewards in GRN.

10% First Level Commission: paid each time when your «referral» (new participant registered through your referral link) buys NFT on the website;

5% Second Level Commission: paid each time when a user who was invited by your referral (a «second level referral») makes a purchase on the website;

1% Monthly Bonus: paid in the end of each month; calculated as 1% of balances of all level referrals – including those who registered through your link, and those who were invited by your referrals.

Note that you are eligible to receive commissions only if your referrals hold Green Trees NFT during the last 30 days.

This feature, which is more typical for affiliate projects,  has been implemented to accelerate the community’s growth, thus enabling us to plant more trees and make the project more profitable for all participants.