Once a Green Trees NFT has been purchased, we’ll fund planting of the corresponding amount of trees through our partner – Ecologi.

Ecologi is a social enterprise operating as a charity, by publicly publishing financial information and impact data. 85% of contributors’ money goes directly to funding environmental projects (their margin of just 15% is comparable with that of some of the best charities).

Ecologi works with a range of planting partners, such as the Eden Reforestation Projects and the International Tree Foundation. The need for reforestation is global and ever-changing, but thanks to Ecologi, we are sure that every dollar is spent with maximum efficiency, and all trees are planted where they’re needed most.

The success of the Ecologi model has enabled them to carry out projects in 43 countries, having planted more than 50 million trees since 2014.

You can always see the impact made by the Green Trees community so far – by checking our account at ecologi.com/greentrees.