In the current round of sale, each Green Trees NFT costs $10.

Limited supply of NFTs for this round: 10,000.

We spend the funds according to this scheme:

33% ($3.30) goes towards planting of 10 trees through our partner;
33% ($3.30) – to the NFT buy-back and reserve fund;
15% ($1.49) – to «revaluation» of tokens purchased in the previous round;
10% ($1.00) – to a reserve to support the price of $GRN;
9% ($0.91) – to the team and strategic expenses.

Planting of trees (33%)

Payments to our planting partner are made within 24 hours after each NFT is sold. You can always see the total amount of trees planted by our community:

NFT buy-back and reserve fund (33%)

Each Green Trees NFT is a valuable asset as it produces $GRN, and can be traded in the marketplace. But to add even more to its value, 33% of the sales proceed goes towards the NFT buy-back and reserve fund.

The purpose of this fund is to allow NFT initial holders (those who bought it on the website, or made a first-time purchase at OpenSea) to sell their NFT back to the project, at one third of its price, within 90 days after making a purchase.

Holding onto this asset makes more sense as it’s profitable. But the buy-back option ensures that each NFT not only represents 10 trees, but is also backed by $3.30.
(Of course, NFT’s current market price could be much higher, so please check it before using this option.)

This fund is also an important reserve to maintain a sustainable tokenomics – its remaining balance will be used to support the price of $GRN, incentivize the community by offering more valuable prizes in our games and auctions, or increase the project's marketing presence. Details will be announced across our website and social media platforms by the end of the current round of sale.

Revaluation (15%)

Revaluation is used as an incentive mechanism.

  • Green Trees NFT will cost $10 more in every next round of sales, because it will be linked to 10 more trees.

By the end of every round of sales, all NFTs purchased in the previous rounds get revalued. To do that, we plant 10 more trees per each revalued token.

Those who purchase NFT for $10 own the asset which will cost $20 by the end of the next round, then $30 after the succeeding round, and so on. Read more in Revaluation.

The project started with a limited pre-sale of Green Trees tokens on Stellar DEX. Participants have purchased 5,000 tokens at a price of $1.

Once all available NFTs have sold out, these tokens will be revalued – we'll fund planting of 9 trees per each token, overall 45,000 trees.

It will cost $14,850, so 15% of the money from the current round of sales goes towards Revaluation.

GRN support fund (10%)

10% of NFT sale proceeds goes towards supporting the price of $GRN. This includes buy-back and «burning» process which we use as a deflationary mechanism to increase GRN long-term value.

Besides buy-backs from the market, we will be burning GRN through auctions, games, and other community initiatives.

Another important purpose of this fund is to support GRN liquidity.

Liquidity refers to the ability of a coin to be easily converted into cash or other coins. High liquidity is an ideal situation as it makes for improved prices for all concerned due to the large number of offers in the market.

The use of the GRN support fund will be shaped by the search for the right balance between adding liquidity and doing buy-backs and burning.

Team and Development (9%)

The team and strategic expenses include, but are not limited to:
marketing, further development, project operations, consulting, listing fees, and third-party services.