GREEN (or GRN) is a crypto token, or game currency, that rewards everyone for buying and holding Green Trees NFT.

GRN is issued on the Polygon blockchain with a total supply of 100 million tokens.
Contract address: 0x0207…196c

Newly planted trees begin to release oxygen gradually, as they need time to grow. But your NFT starts to bring benefits immediately.

Once you have purchased Green Trees NFT, you’ll start receiving rewards in GRN.

The amount you will receive depends on several factors:

  • the type and amount of purchased NFTs,
  • the duration of continuous holding,
  • the level of your activity in the Referral Program and other community initiatives.

The GRN production formula is adjusted in the way which ensures that the market isn’t flooded with too many tokens simultaneously, and we are able to steadily develop this currency and the whole project for many years.

The main principle is simple: the more trees you plant, the more rewards you can get.

​GRN can also be earned by participating in the Green Trees auctions, games, lotteries, community events and other initiatives. These will be announced on an ad hoc basis with details provided across our website and social media platforms.

Promoting the project by building your own Referral Network is another way to get rewards in this currency.​

GRN is only produced as a result of planting real-world trees and holding Green Trees NFT.

This makes it a unique «green» asset which can be traded and sold just like any other cryptocurrency.