The Green Trees tokens are available on Stellar. This platform lets you trade, hold, and transfer any type of asset on the network.

Stellar’s decentralized exchange (Stellar DEX) allows users to swap between tokens using simple functions built into the protocol.

We have been using this platform as a live-like testing environment, so that to build up and test certain mechanics, as well as to ensure regulatory compliance and security checks for financial operations.

A limited pre-sale of Green Trees tokens on Stellar, which took place from 11-15 November 2022, marked the launch of this project.

Each token cost $1 and was linked to 1 tree planted.

Starting from the 22nd of December 2022, users can swap their 1-dollar Green Trees tokens to Green Trees NFTs. 10 tokens equal to 1 NFT, so you’ll need to have at least ten tokens to make an exchange.

To buy tokens on Stellar:

1. Sign up at and create your wallet;

2. You’ll need some Stellar Lumens (XLM) to perform any transactions on the network. Please fund your account:

  • Stellar Lumens: You need 1.50 XLM to activate your account, and 0.50 XLM for each asset you want to add.
  • Other crypto: Deposit at least 0.01 bitcoin on Interstellar, and you’ll receive some Stellar Lumens in exchange.

3. Set a «trustline» for Green Trees tokens (trustlines on your Stellar account let you hold tokens, and keep you from receiving unwanted assets):

  • Click «Add Token», then «Select All», and type «greentrees» in the Search field.
  • You will see all five types of Green Trees tokens: BRC, OAK, CST, PNE, MPL.
  • Choose any of them, and click «Trust Asset».

4. Click on a chart icon next to the token name, and you’ll see the exchange interface.

5. Click on the selling price (marked red), enter the amount you want to purchase, and hit the Buy button.

After making a purchase, you can trade Green Trees tokens on Stellar DEX, or swap them to Green Trees NFTs.

Holding tokens or NFTs onto your account allows you to receive rewards in GRN.