There are five types of NFTs available: BIRCH, OAK, CHESTNUT, PINE, MAPLE.

Blockchain: Polygon
Token Standard: ERC-1155
Contract Address: 0x2953…4963

In the current round of sales, each NFT costs $10.
Every primary purchase activates planting of 10 trees.
Overall supply for the current round: 10,000 (2,000 of each type).

Primary purchase means the purchase of an NFT on the Green Trees website, or a first-time purchase in the OpenSea marketplace.

Please note that the Green Trees NFTs circulating on the secondary market are already backed by real life trees.

To make a purchase, sign up at and go to My Account. You’ll see all available items and the Buy buttons next to them in the Trees section.

To buy NFTs in the OpenSea marketplace, check out this link:

Note: Birch, Oak, Chestnut, Pine, and Maple are the denominations of certain digital assets which represent trees planted by third parties within global reforestation projects. Purchasing of a Birch, or any other type of NFT does not necessarily fund the planting of that particular tree species.

A Green Trees NFT certifies your environmental impact and can be traded in the OpenSea marketplace.

But holding this asset onto your account allows you to get rewards in GRN.