The Green Trees team and any project representatives will never claim that the price of Green Trees NFT and GRN token will increase or decrease. No financial advice will ever be provided and any comments made by the team should not be taken as such.

Our goal is to bring much needed awareness to climate change and the positive impact trees have on the environment. Green Trees NFT and GRN token are intended for nudging people into planting more trees, not for investment vehicles.

Buying, selling, trading, managing liquidity positions, sending, and receiving tokens are all risky activities. It is the investors duty to conduct all due diligence before interacting with cryptocurrency projects, including Green Trees. Any investment decision you make is your sole responsibility.

Please be aware that the prices of NFTs and GRN are volatile, and price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies could impact the price of your NFTs and GRN both positively and negatively. You understand and agree that the NFTs and GRN have no inherent monetary value.

It remains your sole and exclusive responsibility to assure that the purchase and sale of NFTs, and the use of cryptocurrencies, complies with laws and regulations in your jurisdiction.