Climate change is an urgent problem we need to tackle. The main cause is the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Thanks to their ability to absorb carbon and produce oxygen, planting and preserving trees is one of the best way to stop this global phenomenon.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide through their leaves and convert the gas into glucose needed for them to grow. As the tree grows, it is able to lock away the carbon in its branches, roots and trunk, playing a key role in combating the effects of global warming. After the oceans, forests are the second largest carbon sink on the planet.

It is however important that the right type of trees are planted to help climate change, it has to be strategic. Not only is it important to plant new trees but it’s also important to keep the existing forests thriving.

Our great partner — Ecologi — is able to responsibly plant millions of trees on our behalf. Trees are planted where they’re needed most, in order to have the biggest possible benefit for the environment.

Many people are aware of the consequences of climate change, but don’t have much chance, or time to translate their concerns into concrete actions.

Green Trees allows everyone to make real world impact and receive rewards.